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Jeudi 18 décembre 2014
Biochimie BiochimieBioinformatique-Génomique Bioinformatique-GénomiqueBiologie Cellulaire Biologie CellulaireBiologie Moléculaire Biologie MoléculaireBiologie Végétale Biologie VégétaleDéveloppement - Génétique des Eucaryotes Développement - Génétique des EucaryotesImmunologie ImmunologieMicrobiologie MicrobiologieNeurobiologie-Physiologie Neurobiologie-Physiologie

Cours R. Hienerwadel, -5 h: Thermodynamique des systèmes biologiques
J. Viala, -2 j: dCaP_ppGpp_2014
J. Viala, -2 j: SCA_ppGpp_2014
D. Aragnol, -5 j: cours biologie moléculaire eucaryote
C. Robaglia, -6 j: Cours virologie M1 2014
R. Hienerwadel, -6 j: Biochimie1
P. Coutinho, -7 j: Bioinformatique 2 : De la Sequence a la Structure
D. Aragnol, -8 j: cours génétique des eucaryotes
D. Aragnol, -8 j: cours BM M1DI
C. Maurel-Zaffran, -17 j: Biologie Moléculaire et Génétique (Partie Eucaryote)
D. Aragnol, -25 j: contrôle épigénétique
P. Crété, -1 mois: TD puces ADN 2104 2015
J. Duneau, -1 mois: Biochimie Structurale 2
P. Crété, -1 mois: TD transgenese vegetale
S. Caffarri, -1 mois: Biochimie Integrative du Végétal
L. Aussel, -1 mois: Cours SCA
L. Aussel, -1 mois: TD TAM
L. Aussel, -1 mois: Cours TAM
C. Bordi, -1 mois: Connaissance et techniques du gène
R. Hienerwadel, -1 mois: Enzymologie
Nouvelle adresse de l'Annotathon:
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Trends Biochem Sci: How pathogens use linear motifs to perturb host cell networks....
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ISME J: Life-cycle modification in open oceans accounts for genome variability in ...
Int J Infect Dis: Detection of the newly characterized HIV CRF56_cpx in Marseille,...
Clin Res Hepatol Gastroenterol: Acute hepatitis C virus infection among HIV-positi...
Virus Res: Insights into RNA synthesis, capping, and proofreading mechanisms of...
Biochim Biophys Acta: Biochemical characterization of Yarrowia lipolytica LIP8, a ...
Int J Infect Dis: Campylobacter jejuni, an uncommon cause of splenic abscess diagn...
Mar Pollut Bull: Unexpected abundance and long-term relative stability of the brow...
Pathogens: Pseudomonas aeruginosa Genome Evolution in Patients and under the Hospi...
Neuroscience: Passive or simulated displacement of one arm (but not its mirror ref...
Mol Microbiol: The iron-binding CyaY and IscX proteins assist the ISC-catalyzed Fe...
Effects of Periodontal Treatment on Lung Function and Exacerbation Frequency in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Chronic Periodontitis: A 2-Year Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial
Soft tissue wound healing around teeth and dental implants
Supplementing a low protein diet with dibasic amino acids increases urinary calcium excretion in young women
Altering Practices in Design through Community Engagement
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Sustainable Green Alleys: Collaborative Governance
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