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Samedi 1 novembre 2014
Biochimie BiochimieBioinformatique-Génomique Bioinformatique-GénomiqueBiologie Cellulaire Biologie CellulaireBiologie Moléculaire Biologie MoléculaireBiologie Végétale Biologie VégétaleDéveloppement - Génétique des Eucaryotes Développement - Génétique des EucaryotesImmunologie ImmunologieMicrobiologie MicrobiologieNeurobiologie-Physiologie Neurobiologie-Physiologie

Cours C. Jourlin-Castelli, -2 j: Initiation à la Recherche 1 - Atelier Régulation
L. Aussel, -9 j: Polycopié de TD - BI301 (2014-2015)
Z. Dermoun, -11 j: Atelier anaerobiose
C. Maurel-Zaffran, -11 j: Biologie Moléculaire et Génétique (Partie Eucaryote)
S. Caffarri, -11 j: Biologie Végétale
S. Caffarri, -11 j: Métabolisme & Bioénergétique BI4U1
J. Duneau, -12 j: M1 BBSG
D. Aragnol, -12 j: cours biologie moléculaire eucaryote
C. Robaglia, -14 j: Evolution, théorie, enjeux applications
R. Hienerwadel, -15 j: Enzymologie
M. Garron, -23 j: MAS1
Z. Dermoun, -26 j: Commun tout atelier
E. Talla, -1 mois: ENSBI5U24 Bioinformatique
P. Coutinho, -1 mois: Bioinformatique 1 : Introduction à la BioInformatique Structurale
S. Perret, -1 mois: Anatomie Fonctionnelle - La Perméation -
A. Sergé, -1 mois: TP2 et 3 : actine & histologie
Y. Azou, -1 mois: Biologie cellulaire
P. Coutinho, -1 mois: Atelier de Bioinformatique Structurale
P. de Philip, -1 mois: Biotechnologies Microbiennes
J. Viala, -1 mois: dCaP
Nouvelle adresse de l'Annotathon:
PublisCell Death Dis: A role for intracellular zinc in glioma alteration of neuronal chl...
J Virol: The Megavirus chilensis Cu,Zn-Superoxide Dismutase: the first viral struc...
Stem Cells Transl Med: Efficient and Cost-Effective Generation of Mature Neurons F...
Cardiovasc Res: Loss of Krox20 results in aortic valve regurgitation and impaired ...
Org Biomol Chem: Pd-catalyzed oxidative C-H alkenylation for synthesizing arylviny...
Phys Rev Lett: Evidence for Electroweak Production of W^{+/-}W^{+/-}jj in pp Colli...
Biotechnol Biofuels: Fast solubilization of recalcitrant cellulosic biomass by the...
J Mol Biol: Evidence for new homotypic and heterotypic interactions between transm...
Cell Rep: Scribble1/AP2 Complex Coordinates NMDA Receptor Endocytic Recycling....
Int J Syst Evol Microbiol: Fusibacter bizertensis sp. nov., isolated from a Tunisi...
Mol Neurobiol: Nhej1 Deficiency Causes Abnormal Development of the Cerebral Cortex...
Nat Struct Mol Biol: Crystal structures of free and antagonist-bound states of hum...
Neurobiol Dis: Calreticulin levels determine onset of early muscle denervation by ...
Mol Cell Proteomics: The functional landscape of Hsp27 reveals new cellular proces...
J Virol: Genome analysis of the first Marseilleviridae representative from Austral...
J Neurosci: Pro-Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Inhibits GABAergic Neurotransmis...
Supplementing a low protein diet with dibasic amino acids increases urinary calcium excretion in young women
Effects of Periodontal Treatment on Lung Function and Exacerbation Frequency in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Chronic Periodontitis: A 2-Year Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial
Altering Practices in Design through Community Engagement
Sustainable Green Alleys: Collaborative Governance
Melanin-concentrating hormone receptor 1 polymorphisms are associated with components of energy balance in the CODING study
Ecomindedness: Benefits of Urban SPIN Farming in the San Diego Community of North Park
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JP Fritz: Les phénomènes quantiques sont-ils dus à des mondes parallèles ?
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